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Specialty Spanish Summer Clinic  -16 hours

We offer this classes during the summer. What’s the difference? We go at a “slower/summer” pace.

These sessions are designed for those who would like more practice before moving into new, and a bit more advanced, topics.

The beginner classes are designed for those that haven’t taken Spanish before or took it a long time ago.

The beginner/low intermediate are for those who have taken Spanish for 3-6 months or those who have taken Spanish for up to one year but still need help with basic grammar topics (for example, the preterit tense)

The intermediate classes are for those who have taken Spanish for more than 1 year  and those who can communicate at a medium speed in Spanish.

If you’re afraid to take the next class because you feel you need more time to  absorb what you’ve learned and need a break from learning new stuff , this class is for you! We will do activities, practice drills, conversations, and fun games.

Contact us if you have questions about this class.

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We need a min of 4 students to hold each class.

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  1. Tajsha (verified owner)

    I have Sra. Guadalupe as an instructor and she’s phenomenal. I’ve had her previously and I vow to take all her classes going forward. I’m really glad this course was made to help with the oral communication aspect of the language learning process because it’s the area I struggle with the most. She’s a very patient and thorough teacher. She’s prompts us when she can sense we’re struggling and gives us context clues and hints when we’re close. She also makes sure everyone participates and feels comfortable with the lesson. I missed a class and she sent me notes from class and the things that were covered in español and I thought that was the coolest. Overall class is great and our instructor is one of the best!!


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