Int2. 30 hrs. Zoom


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Intermediate 2|  One day per week (choose day of week and start date in option menu, click on the arrow on that menu to show options)

Due to Covid-19 this class will be conducted via Zoom and you will receive the link after you register. As time goes on and/if restrictions are lifted and students feel comfortable meeting “live”, we can host the classes at our location but still give everybody the option to join via Zoom.

This class is designed  for those who have successfully taken our “Intermediate 1” class or those who already know to speak in the present tense, the future tense, the preterite tense, know about irregular verbs conjugations, reflexive verbs, and have an intermediate vocabulary. This course is conducted about 80%+ in Spanish. Each class will cover a different conversation topic and grammar will be discussed based on each topic. Once you successfully complete this class, you may move up to the next level or stay at this level until you feel comfortable to move to the advanced level (most students stay at this level for 2 sessions).

For Intermediate 2 class you will need the book: “From Beginner to Bilingual: Level 2B” You can order the required book here.

All classes require a minimum of 4 students for the class to be held. If the minimum is not met, you will be contacted about rescheduling for another class/date or you will receive a full refund.


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