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SUMMER PROGRAMS FOR KIDS- AT YOUR OWN HOME!  You choose the day/time and our instructor comes to you. The fee is $10 per kid/hour with a minimum of 4 kids per class (you can have less than 4 kids in the class but a minimum of $40/hour is required) contact us with your time/day request and the number of kids in your class.
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Individualized Spanish Tutoring

for your Kids at your Home or at our Offices.

At SpanishABQ we have native Spanish speakers who are fully bilingual,  with Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees, and over 4 years of tutoring experience in Spanish.  If your kid is struggling in the classroom and you are looking for assistance in comprehension, writing, or speaking Spanish, our academic tutors are specialists in this field. Furthermore, our teachers have the personalities, teaching experience, and commitment that create the best learning opportunities in the world.

For homework assistance, improving grades and test scores, or deepening knowledge and understanding of Spanish, our tutors educate and inspire.  We offer individual classes at either our location or your home/office.  Please contact us with your desired time/location and specific  needs your kid(s) have.  Please Contact Usfor additional information.


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It’s best to start language training early. Kids possess their greatest ability to absorb and retain languages until the ages of 12 to 13 when their brain begins losing plasticity. Also, kids are less self-conscious than adults and not as afraid of getting things wrong or not saying them right. This results in greater verbalization and helps kids become fluent in a language sooner than adults.


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This is what some of our customers say about us:
Margarita, from SpanishABQ,  has been teaching my 14 year old son for the past year.  She is great! My son’s Spanish has improved greatly and he is getting A’s.  She is a wonderful teacher and also kind, friendly, punctual, reliable, and has a nice relaxed manner”  – R. Dibachi, Los Ranchos de Albuquerque




“My daughter was struggling with her Spanish and she needed to pass the class in order to graduate.  She started her classes and improved almost instantly!  She was able to improve her grade from a D- to a B!”  – J. Randall, Albuquerque, NM




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