Uses of Por and Para

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Rules for how POR is used

Rules for how PARA is used

about to, to be in the mood, inclined to do something
an action that remains to be completed
because of
cause or reason
duration of time
general physical movement in and around a given place
for velocity, frequency and proportion
in favor of
instead of, on behalf of, in place of
mistaken identity
money or exchange, price
multiplication and division
period of time
through, along, by, in the area of
to be seen as
to express gratitude or apology
reason (with ir, venir, pasar, mandar, volver, and preguntar)
contrast from what is expected
deadline or specific time
for the purpose of
in order to
object directed toward a goal

Idiomatic expressions with por

Idiomatic expressions with para

al por mayor at (or by) wholesale
al por menor at (or by) retail
gracias por thank you for
palabra por palabra word for word
por in the name of
por acá/aquí around here; this way
por adelantado in advance
por ahora for now, for the time being
por amor de Dios for the love of God
por algo for some reason, that’s why
por allá/ahí/allí around there; that way
por arriba above
por carga by freight
por casualidad by chance, by accident
por ciento percent
por cierto certainly
por completo completely
por consecuencia de therefore, consequently
por consiguiente therefore, consequently
por delante ahead
por dentro inside, on the inside
por desgracia unfortunately
por despecho out of spite
por detrás from behind
por día per day
por duplicado in duplicate
por ejemplo for example
por encima de on top of
por encima de todo above all
por ende hence, therefore
por entre among, between
por el contrario on the contrary
por el estilo such as that, of that kind
por el momento for the time being
por esa razón for that reason, that is why
por escrito in writing
por eso therefore, for that reason
por favor please
por fin finally, at last
por fuera from/on the outside
por hoy today only
por instantes continually, moment to moment
por la mañana/tarde/noche in the morning/afternoon, etc.
por la mitad in half, in the middle
por las buenas o por las malas whether one likes it or not
por las nubes very expensive
por lo común generally
por lo cual therefore
por lo demás as for the rest
por lo general generally, usually
por lo menos at least
por lo pronto for the present
por lo que because of which
por lo regular usually, as a rule
por lo tanto consequently, therefore
por lo visto apparently, evidently
por más que however much
por medio de by means of
por mi parte as for me
por mí mismo(a) by myself
por mi parte as far as I am concerned
por motivo on account of
por mucho que no matter how much
por ningún lado nowhere
por ningún motivo under no circumstances
por otra parte on the other hand
por otro lado on the other hand (or side)
por poco almost, nearly
por primera vez for the first time
¿por qué? why?
por regla general as a general rule, usually
por separado separately
por si acaso in case, just in case
por sí mismo(a) by oneself
por su cuenta all by oneself
por suerte fortunately
por supuesto of course
por todas partes everywhere, all over
por todos lados everywhere, all over, all sides
por última vez for the last time, finally
por último finally, at last
para in order to
para mis adentros to myself
para que in order that
¿para qué? what for?, for what use?
¿para qué sirve? what is it good for?
para siempre forever
para unos fines for one purpose
para variar for a change