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Spanish Interpretations and Spanish Translations

Whether you need interpreting services for a large conference or a one-on-one meeting, you require the highest level of professional interpreters to ensure that your communication is crystal clear and perfectly understood. Spanish ABQ offers interpreters who are experienced, skilled, and are fluent in both English and Spanish.  We offer simultaneous and consecutive interpreters in Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and other cities in New Mexico.  We offer interpretations on-site or over ZOOM.   E-mail us

  • Simultaneous interpretation  is the ability to listen to a message in one language while interpreting into another language in real time. Simultaneous interpretation is very demanding and usually requires the use of special equipment. Skilled interpreters may work in pairs when providing simultaneous interpretation services in order to maintain a high level of concentration. Simultaneous interpretation is primarily used for large meetings, conferences, speeches, seminars, trade shows and other large venues. For this setting, Spanish ABQ  offers the required equipment (transmitters and receivers).
  • Consecutive interpretation is when an interpreter communicates after the speaker is done speaking. The interpreter sits or stands near the speaker, listens carefully and may take notes. When the speaker takes a break or is done talking, the interpreter translates the entire message. Consecutive interpretation is typically used in training activities,  short business meetings, press conferences, medical settings and job interviews.
  • Personal interpreters are available for informal settings for either individuals or groups.

Spanish ABQ can provide all  the resources necessary for high quality interpretation

Our team of interpreters has the experience and credentials necessary to provide accurate and professional service.  We take care to select interpreters whose skill set best matches the assignment they are given. Spanish ABQ can also provide the equipment often required for simultaneous interpretation including transmitters and receivers.  Contact us.

Our Clients

Clients that trust us with their interpretations and/or translations include:

Bernalillo Public Works Division. 

Abrazos Family Support Services.

AMC Television. (Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul)

Animal Protection of New Mexico.

Banda Group International.

Bernalillo County.

Bernalillo Open Space.

Biodynamic Association.

Complete Concrete and Excavating.

Cottonwood Gulch.

Ecotex Healthcare Laundry Services.

Farm & Table.

Haven House Inc.

HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital.

Kirtland Air Force Base.

Mid-Region Metropolitan Planning Organization.

NBC (The Night Shift TV show)

New Mexico Commission for the Blind.

New Mexico Environment Department Drinking Water Bureau.

New Mexico Lottery.

New Mexico Retiree Health Care Authority. 

Oceans of Opportunities.

Rio Grande Herb Company.

San Juan College.

Schott Solar.

SONY Pictures Television, Inc. (Sicario TV show).

University of New Mexico.

Woodridge Productions, Inc. (Better call Saul and The Night Shift TV shows).

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