Beginner 1 Fast Track

The “Fast Track” classes are 30 hours total and meet twice/week. We call it “Fast Track” because you will advance faster since you are devoting more time to your goal of learning Spanish. This class is designed for those who have already taken “The First 8 Weeks Fast Track”(please see description for that level) or know the equivalent of what students at that level already know. The Beginner 1, Fast Track covers the information of Beginner 1B and 1C.
During the first 4 weeks of this class you will have the opportunity to participate in conversations and activities to reinforce all knowledge acquired in the previous sessions. You will advance in your knowledge and practice with the verbs ser and estar, present tense, future tense, present progressive and past progressive. You will also learn new verbs and commonly used Spanish expressions, and demonstrative adjectives and pronouns.
During the last 4 weeks of this class you will learn learn the preterite tense of regular verbs, demonstrative adjectives and pronouns, saber vs. conocer, and direct object pronouns. You will have the opportunity to practice conversation with other students at the same level. After this class you will be ready to move to Beginner 2, Fast Track.

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