This class is designed for those who have already taken Beginner 2 C (please see description for that level) or know the equivalent of what students at that level already know. At this level, each session will cover 3 topics each session. These topics may include: The present subjunctive, the subjunctive with verbs of emotion, doubt, disbelief and denial and with conjunctions, past participles used as adjectives, the present perfect, the past perfect, the present perfect subjunctive, the past subjunctive, the conditional, the past perfect subjunctive, the imperfect vs. the preterite. In addition, topics will be explained as they come up during class. At this level, the class will concentrate on 3 grammar topics each 5-weeks session and conversation. The conversation will be centered in mainly two topics: Reinforcing grammar learned in the class, and general conversation that will vary each session. After taking 3 sessions at this level (15 week s total) you will be ready to move to the Advanced Level.

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