Spanish For Business – Occupation Specific

Our Occupation-Specific Training is based on the Command Spanish® method.  Command Spanish®, Inc. is the country’s leading provider of occupational Spanish language training materials and programs for the workplace. Its programs and materials are the results of years of research and development by language, curriculum, and translation specialists. Our objective is to provide learner-friendly language programs and training classes that require NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OF SPANISH.

Learn Spanish you can use at your workplace!   Our method focuses on the phrases, expressions, questions, and vocabulary used in your profession.  In addition, we offer cross-cultural training seminars and programs designed to eliminate cultural misunderstandings in the workplace between Hispanic and non-Hispanic persons. The Command Spanish® method used by SPANISHABQ has been used with thousands of individual professionals representing hundreds of municipal, county, state, and federal agencies, as well as private organizations and businesses. See a partial list of Command Spanish® clients or read what people are saying.

•    The length of the classes varies from 12-60 hours depending on your needs.
•    The instructors can go to your workplace or the students can come to our office.
•    The classes can be tailored for small, medium, or large groups.
•    You can apply the newly acquired knowledge right away.


What makes our language and cross-cultural training programs superior to all others?Our programs:

•    contain specific language;
•    are field tested for authenticity by experts in the profession;
•    are non-grammar based — we don’t conjugate verbs;
•    require no prior knowledge of Spanish;
•    include audio maintenance CDs featuring native Spanish-speakers;
•    are written by nationally-recognized professors of Spanish;
•    are designed by award-winning professors of curriculum and instruction;
•    utilize a learner-friendly approach to learning Spanish;
•    include generic Spanish common to all Spanish-speakers; and
•    incorporate easy guides for near-perfect Spanish pronunciation.

Some benefits of our training include:

•    increasing safety in the workplace;
•    promoting better communication in the workplace;
•    projecting a positive image to the Hispanic community; and
•    enhancing employees’ job performance.

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All programs are non-grammar based, low stress, and occupation specific!

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