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Due to Covid-19 we are hosting private classes via Zoom.

Please make sure you CONTACT US before paying for your private classes.  We need to discuss the time/day that is convenient for you and confirm teacher availability. Payment is due at time of registration.

Private classes can be one-on-one or for small groups that you can put together with other friends. Send us an e-mail.

Our fees are as follows: (the fee for private classes is the same whether in person or online)

Private class fees for customized classes (you select time/day) held at Spanish ABQ or online. You must add the cost of books/materials, please click here to add the books/materials)

Number of Students in Class Fee per Hour *
1 student $45 per hour*+ tax
2 students $50 per hour*+ tax
3-4  students $60 Per hour*+tax
5 or more e-mail for quote


*The private class fee is $45+tax per hour for one student. Please note that most private classes are 2 hours in length therefore the price for a 2-hour session for 1 student is $90+tax.

If there are 2 students in a class (for example, you and your friend want to take a class together) the fee is $25+tax/hour per person for a total of $50 per hour+tax)   The students can split the fee but we send the invoice to one person.  Students are responsible for putting together their own private group.  All students in the class must be at the same level. 2 hours minimum per class.  There is an additional fee of $14+tax per book per person (Each book covers  14 hours of private classes). We require payment in advance.   please click here to add the cost of books/materials

Please note: Once the class starts there are no refunds.


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